is a ripoff men

Posted On : November 3, 2019 is not completely a fraudulent dating site but it is grossly manipulative. The naive women on the site (some are bots, I have proof), have obviously been told to keep chatting and emailing men who contact them to run up charges. And after a few chats they never appear online again making your contact a complete waste of time (and money). I count 30+ women who have made no attempt to reconnect with me later on.The site BLOCKS any email exchange or attempt to give contact number (even if you spell out the numbers). Each women is told (threatened?) not to go outside to any other site via Whatsapp or any other social network. I suspect many are on the payroll. I’m sure the Malta-based company will deny it.Perhaps after spending hundreds or thousands of dollars you may get lucky if you visit the country of a woman to meet. Oh and the phony ones who claim to be located in the USA are not, I have proof.The on-phone customer service folks do the best they can but you can tell they are uneasy explaining how it all works or how it rips men off. They cover the devious people who created such an exploitative application.I intend to demand a full refund for the money I spent and wasted. The time I wasted is my loss. Next I’ll notify Google, Apple, Yahoo, AOL and every other search engine about this ripoff site and the ads they run on each.I hope as many men read this as possible and go elsewhere for dating sites.


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