7 Romantic Destinations For A First Weekend For Two

Romantic Destinations. Going on a weekend for two when you are a young couple is one of the expected and exciting steps! And for good reason: preparing a short trip tests our common desires and allows us to experience an enchanted parenthesis, which strengthens ties. Pack your bags, we are preparing the destinations!

For A weekend at 100 an hour: Budapest Romantic Destinations

Between the thermal baths, the splendor of the Parliament, the many more surprising hidden bars, the escape games (this is the city where this game was born) and the architecture, there is no time to get bored in the capital Hungarian. Full of surprises, it is a perfect place for a few days off. In SharekAlomre addition, life is inexpensive there, which allows you to have fun… twice as much!

For a weekend in blue: Santorini

Landing on the island of Santorini means taking a risk: taking your breath away! Surrounded by turquoise water as far as the eye can see, this little Greek paradise is breathtakingly beautiful and pure. A few hours from France and inexpensive off-season, this is the destination to forget stress and worries. On the program: idleness and pleasure for the eyes. We come back invigorated… and certainly with our eyes a little more in love.

To get away from it all: Oriental Romantic Destinations

Tunisia and Morocco may have suffered in terms of tourism for several years, but their landscapes are worth all the greatest trips. We take advantage of a sun that never fails, an exotic culture, the generosity of its inhabitants, the sea… Between Marrakech, Djerba, Agadir… you will be spoiled for choice to recharge your batteries, treat your taste buds and be amazed!

For nature lovers: Iceland

It seems very far away and yet… Today, only 3 short hours by plane separate us from Iceland. Land in Reykjavik, its colorful and charming capital, and from there set out to conquer the great outdoors. There’s nothing better than marveling at the aurora borealis (for that, bet more on autumn), glaciers, geysers, monumental waterfalls… And since the nights are cold, when evening comes, you just want to snuggle up to each other.

7 Romantic Destinations For A First Weekend For Two

For the most Urban Travelers: New York

The Big Apple continues to inspire dreams: vibrant, astonishing, intense, it still attracts just as much. Getting there presupposes a somewhat heavy wallet, at least 4 days and of course a common interest in the frenzy of the big cities. If you are in symbiosis on these points, this is THE destination that will satisfy your desires. You will come back with lots of memories. Perfect for building and moving forward together…

For the most romantic: a cabin… anywhere!

The madness of unusual accommodation continues to grow. Thus, you can sleep perched in a cabin in the trees, in a yurt, on the water, in a trailer… If you are curious SharekAlomre.Com by nature and want to live an experience that is out of the ordinary, that’s what you have to test!

For the most gamers: the last moment

If you like to let yourself be carried away, live from day to day and take advantage of opportunities, you can also entrust your vacation plan… to chance! Today, many sites allow you to leave on a whim, which is moreover saving money. You enter your dates, your criteria and ready-made packages will be offered to you. Go!

7 wonders of the world, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 days in a week… The number seven accompanies us everywhere, all the time, like a constant, a recurring motif. Today, these are 7 unexpected romantic destinations that catch our eye…

At the start of a two-person relationship, or for a solo trip , there are destinations that we tend to evade automatically, or to underestimate, when in reality this is the place perfect for forging a romance. Of course, there are many more than 7 possible combinations to discover surprising, enchanting places around the world, but these few treasures are worth the detour.

The island of Madagascar – Romantic Destinations

Madagascar, land of contrasts, is a real treat for the eyes and the senses. Rich in remarkable fauna and flora, it is the ideal place for a getaway for two . Why is it unexpected to go there? Maybe because we don’t go there every weekend, on the one hand, and because this island has no point of comparison with any place in the whole world, on the other hand…

The coastline of Albania and Montenegro

Destinations still unknown to the general public, Albania and Montenegro are two pearls of the Adriatic, ideal for small (or large) trips for two. Crystal-clear, warm waters are a delight for couples – and singles – who come here looking for fun, beautiful landscapes and ultra-romantic spots like the mouths of Kotor, an exceptional natural panorama that dominates Montenegro.

Étretat, France – Romantic Destinations

Guy de Maupassant, Gustave Flaubert or even the impressionist painters from Courbet to Monet: they all celebrated the striking beauty of this place located in Normandy, where nature seems to express itself through such a singular carving of the relief. Ultimately, the cliffs of Étretat are a bit like the ultimate place to nab…

Ushuaia in Argentina

“The end of the world” is perhaps the most romantic place on earth to escape. Why is it so romantic? On the one hand there are very few inhabitants, and conversely an astronomical quantity of animals such as colonies of penguins (which have their own island) or colonies of seals. Moreover, going there is also an opportunity to admire the lighthouse “del fin del mundo” as it is called there, immortalized by Jules Verne in one of his novels. Finally, it is also one of the most remote places on the planet, and for that alone, the visit is worth the detour… From Paris, count several days of travel.

Bavarian castles in Germany – Romantic Destinations

In the footsteps of Ludwig II of Bavaria, we cannot recommend highly enough the visit of the so-called “romantic” style castles. A dream setting that seems straight out of the Brothers Grimm’s imagination with fairies and white magic. A beautiful page of love in perspective?

Reykjadalur and Iceland

To warm hearts, nothing like the great cold. Iceland offers its visitors striking contrasts, infinite color gradients and a certain idea of ​​human warmth. In Reykjadalur, in the north of the island, you can even bathe in particularly soothing and regenerating hot springs. Heat softens manners.

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Krakow in Poland – Romantic Destinations

Well preserved in its medieval fortifications, Krakow seduces as much as it fascinates. And for good reason, you can visit Wawel Castle and its famous dragon cave, or Rynek Główny, the city’s central market. More atypical than Prague or Budapest, Krakow is the place to go in 2016.

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