Shoes Say About You

Even if it is in no Shoes Say About You way essential to seduce, our look still says things about us, our personality, our mood. And our shoes? Much more apparently! Especially if it is a first date , DilMil.Co and therefore a first impression. Then it might be worth taking a look at your guest’s feet…

Tell me what shoes he/she wears, I’ll tell you who you’re dating

Sneakers :

today, they are no longer reserved for sports lessons but on the contrary accompany us on our dates without problem! They are the allies of our daily life. They are available in 1000 colors, materials, to match everyone’s tastes and preferences as closely as possible. Modern, this pair fits well with urbanites comfortable with trends… and in their skin (it’s not for nothing that we say “feel good in your sneakers”!).

Converses :

eternal teenager, this person privileges his comfort and lives in the cool. At ease, she paces appointments without worrying about anything. These cult shoes represent a safe bet, simplicity and lightness!

Leather shoes : sophisticated and chic, the leather on the feet (boots, derbies, moccasins, etc.) is an undeniable mark of elegance. This person has made the effort to show their best side and take care of themselves. What good points!

Patent shoes :

they denote an original, extravagant, assumed personality. A real grain of madness in sight!

Heels :

a true sign of femininity, this is the inevitably chic and sexy accessory. Wearing them is tantamount to assuming a desire to seduce, as well as self-confidence. And a beautiful pose!

Ballerinas :

exclusively feminine, they reflect an image that is both classic and cute. The perfect compromise for pretty girls who like to feel comfortable.

Espadrilles :

if he/she is wearing this type of shoe, it means that it’s summer, and that your appointment is announced under a bright sun. Come on, enjoy!

Over time, blogging has become a practice, a hobby, even a job, like any other. Whether it’s on a blog, a YouTube account , Tumblr, Twitter, Snapchat, an Instagram profile DilMil or even Pinterest, it’s hard to miss. It’s a fact: social networks have invaded our lives, and therefore those of our partners and/or conquests!

Still, if you meet a blogger or a youtubeur, to seduce him/her and live a beautiful love story, there are some small rules and prerequisites to know. A brief overview of things to know about one of these most exotic species in our ecosystem that can be unearthed at the turn of a Meetic profile :


He/she is a bit of an exhibitionist

To her, clicks are like hugs (or candy if you prefer). The more you give him/her, the better he/she feels. A retweet, the like of a celebrity or a hundred views of his latest video and it’s the announced orgasm . His ambition? See broad and think “international”. His secret dream? Become a star on the internet, a 2.0 icon at the top of the internet pyramid. Never forget it: the image of a blogger and his digital identity represent his whole life.

He/she likes lists – Shoes Say About You

The daily life of a blogger is influenced by lists, these famous to-do lists that permeate their mind, such as: 30 things to do before you die, 10 brunches to try this summer, or even the 7 addresses to know to satisfy your obsession with balls . We pass you and the best!

He/she speaks the “digital” language, i.e. “ultra-connected”

Her favorite word? Hashtag that is represented by the pound symbol followed by a lowercase word or phrase, with no spaces. Like for example: #fuckmylife. Acronyms are also part of his life like YOLO , LOL or BFF. You don’t understand anything about it? That’s good, neither are we!

In case of loss of network, its life stops – Shoes Say About You

In the event of a breakdown of the wifi network or the electric current, tell yourself that you will have to manage a crisis situation. For information, you can never be away for long in the Gobi or Atacama desert with her or him. Going out with a blogger is hard work, we don’t hide it from you…

The blogger is in a hurry

Its relationship to time is quite distinct from that which we know traditionally. The blogger lives ahead of his time and usually discovers most things hours or even days before you do.

He is an (ultra) social animal – Shoes Say About You

“Unity is strength”: it’s a bit of the watchword of social networks, vectors of influence. By comparison, a blogger is even stronger than a politician since he/she serves  thousands of (digital) hands a day. So, you don’t have to be of a jealous nature to date.

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Instagrammer/se: beauty is his credo

Aesthete at heart, the Instagrammer/se can spend 2 to 3 hours finding the right filter for a photo ( thank you Clarendon! ), or selecting a keyword to expand their audience. If you’re dating an Instagrammer, you’ll also have to swear allegiance to their smartphone …

He/she sets trends – Shoes Say About You

Trend-setter, the blogger has unexpected and inexhaustible resources of imagination to venture into new adventures and new concepts. Launch of a product, preview, VIP party… He/she is on all fronts!

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