Wedding Season: An Opportunity to Meet People 2022

An Opportunity to Meet People. Spring brings with it its share of little pleasures: the sun, the days that get longer, the skirts that get shorter, and the announcement of weddings! A season full of light and romantic vibes… even if sometimes we drag our feet at the idea of ​​going alone to a 100% love day. Yet weddings are a great opportunity to meet people (it even inspired a lot of films…)! So don’t decline any invitation.

Be on Your 31 – An Opportunity to Meet People

Weddings are a special opportunity to dress up, prepare carefully, and therefore be on top. Perfectly prepared, we feel to our advantage and confident. Well-chosen outfit, hair put in place, perfect make-up, etc.: how good and handsome/beautiful you feel, it shows, and you are all the more YourLatinMates attractive! It is therefore the ideal time to flirt: your power of seduction will be at its maximum.

An Audience of (beautiful) strangers

Between the friends of the groom, the distant family, it represents a lot of people and as many potential meetings! The advantage: even if you think you know everyone, there are always last-minute surprise guests and distant cousins ​​who show up at the last moment. Don’t know anyone? Even better: this day will be a real “hunting ground”!

Wedding Season: An Opportunity to Meet People 2022

A Crazy Party – An Opportunity to Meet People

Weddings are also an opportunity to have fun until the end of the night (#lachenille). Drinking, singing, laughing (or all three at the same time). As a result, it’s easier to create links… and to get closer. If you got on well with one of the many guests, don’t hesitate to invite them to the next slow, without stealing the spotlight from the bride and groom!

It’s a little after 7 p.m., and tonight, the delicious Romy (your new conquest you met on Meetic ) is sending you a somewhat unusual SMS, YourLatinMates.Com since it’s a GIF . A what ? Yes, you heard right, a GIF, those little animated images that circulate on our computers, our tablets and today on our smartphones . Here is the object of the crime

What surprises you is the eminently “direct” nature of this message, which could not be more explicit: on a bed, a languid, half-naked young woman (who is clearly not Romy but whom you recognize under the features of Kirsten Dunst) carelessly waves a fan in a lascivious manner. No message accompanies the image.

An Opportunity to Meet People

Call of the flesh? Invitation to bed the first night? Or simply expecting something from him that you forgot to do? Everything is swirling around in your mind. So what to do? Ask him to explain his intention, or his joke (if there is a joke). No, that would be too delicate, and you would risk, by asking too many questions, breaking the spell that operates between Romy and you. This privileged complicity that you maintain requires no words to communicate.

However, in your eyes, it must be admitted, women and their behavior represent a mystery. For fear of offending Romy in what could be a joke, even a wink or even a call to debauchery, you decide to respond with another GIF. Because it is well known, a GIF calls for a GIF, and you have all the weapons with you to launch yourself into a battle of images, each more explicit than the other.

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In order to contrast with the exacerbated femininity of Romy’s message, and in order to remain dignified and royal, you respond with a hand kiss, very masculine however (that of the superhero Thor).

It would have been easy to respond to the GIF with a sexually provocative image, a schoolboy joke or even a sexfie . But no, you’re not like that, you like to shape up and take your time in the chronology of seduction, little by little, step by step. You are like that, and that’s fine like that…

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