For many women who would like to meet Communication with a foreigner, the language barrier is an obstacle to full communication and development of relationships. Today we would like to pay attention to this topic review and tell you how to prevent the language barrier from becoming a problem for you, a cause of disappointment and even giving up on your dreams.

It is very easy to overcome the language barrier in our time, when mobile applications and programs for translating texts and oral speech, electronic dictionaries, electronic translators are free and available to everyone! However, a lot still depends on your mood and desire to translate letters. There is no formula that will help you learn a foreign language overnight, or a free translation program that would translate spoken language and texts at the level of professional translators (humans). If you decide to overcome the language barrier, you, first of all, need to be patient .

Here are some tips on how not to let the language barrier get in the way of your happiness with a foreigner.

Don’t create a problem because of the language barrier

It is necessary to overcome the language barrier, first of all, as a mental barrier, as an obsessive thought that does not allow you to communicate with foreigners. Much depends on your mood and the mood of your new foreign beau. At the beginning of dating:


  • Both of you can make a huge problem out of the language barrier (for example, by making it the central subject of your first letters) that will not allow your acquaintance to develop.


  • You will treat this calmly, with humor, as a temporary circumstance that you can easily change in the future.

Have you noticed the difference between these two positions? In the second “scenario”, the fact of the existence of a language barrier remained, however, the attitude towards it changed. He ceased to be an insurmountable obstacle to acquaintance and development of relations.

When Communicating With a Foreigner,

at the beginning of an acquaintance, pay special attention to the difficulties of translation, complain, focus on how futile it is to communicate with the help of electronic translators, then communication will quickly end. At the beginning of an acquaintance, you are not yet the same woman-dream for a foreigner, Eharmoney for which he is ready to act, for this reason, if you make a big problem out of the language barrier, an obstacle to dating, then he can simply say goodbye to you and continue his search to get acquainted with another woman.

Most Europeans would hardly want to change their country of residence and move to live in Eastern Europe for the sake of the woman they love. On the contrary, they would like to meet a woman who in the future, having moved to their country, will be able to master the language and adapt to a new society. If a man sees how difficult, insurmountable the language barrier is for a woman, he will most likely draw the following conclusion for himself (this is simple foresight): she will not be able to move to me in the future, learn the language and integrate. Without knowing the language of the country of residence, it is impossible to integrate and fully exist in society.


Give time and attention to communication

Having received a letter and not understanding its translation into your native language, do not skip incomprehensible words and sentences, but try to understand the translation, to understand what the interlocutor wanted to tell you. Ask him again, ask him to reformulate his thoughts. The meaning of his words is important, it is important to do everything in your power to understand it.

Take action! – Communication with a foreigner

If you receive a letter in a language you do not know, do not wait for a foreigner to send you a translation of his letter into Russian, translate it yourself! For a foreigner, the reluctance to translate his letters, the requirement to write letters in Russian is tantamount to a lack of interest in acquaintance on the part of a woman.

Keep up with the times! – Communication with a foreigner

Take advantage of free translation apps, electronic translators and electronic dictionaries. For example, Google or Yandex electronic translators .

The message translation function is also available in messengers. For example, in the Viber app , you can translate incoming text messages.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! – Communication with a foreigner

If you’ve started learning a foreign language, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Practicing with a native speaker will help you gain confidence and keep learning, deepening your speaking skills. Trying to learn a foreign language, but at the same time continuing to communicate with a foreigner in Russian, composing your letters in Russian and translating them using a translator program, you will not be able to master a foreign language.

Start writing letters in a foreign language on your own. Without the help of an electronic translator (you can translate a word you do not know. But you should not translate entire sentences). Take your time and don’t be lazy! Yes, your letters will be simple. Yes, you will make mistakes. But only in this way you will learn how to build speech in a foreign language, get used to it. Your efforts will definitely pay off when you gain confidence,

Do you want to marry a foreigner? – Communication with a foreigner

Start learning the language of the country with a man from which you would like to connect your life. The main thing is to overcome fear, doubts and take the first step. Remember, in the article “I don’t believe in dating foreigners!” we advised you not to waste your time on something you don’t believe in. Decide once and for all: yes or no. Because the time spent in doubt is the time spent without moving towards the goal. Learning a foreign language is a sure step towards destiny. This is your manifesto: “I’m getting ready to meet my man!” .

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There is no other way. Sooner or later, but you will have to study a foreign language (unless, of course, you say “yes” and continue to look for your foreign betrothed). Yes, perhaps now you have not yet met your man and doubt whether the efforts will be justified. However, make it a rule to think in the future, to do things today that will help you tomorrow. Invest your time and energy in self-development. Make learning a foreign language your hobby. This is a very useful hobby, because learning a foreign language is one of the effective ways to develop skills. Such as diligence, patience, discipline. Perseverance, determination and strengthen your memory.

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