You have decided to fill out a questionnaire on About Yourself an international dating site. You will usually be presented with a form which you will complete and save. On each dating site, when filling out a questionnaire, in addition to the parameters that you can choose from the options automatically review offered to you (hair color; height; weight; simple questions that can be answered “yes” or “no”), there is an item that includes ” free” text about yourself. When filling out this item, it is important to understand what impression your text “about yourself” will make on a foreigner reading your profile.

Dating sites often offer the opportunity to write a text limited by the number of characters. And this means that when formulating your text “about yourself”, you need to not only think about what impression it should make on a man, but also pay attention to the fact that it is not too long. What to write “about yourself” on an international dating site?

First, let’s talk about what not to write

  • Do not repeat yourself and write the data that is already indicated in your profile. For example, name, age, country of residence, zodiac sign, height, weight, presence or absence of children, etc.

“My name is Svetlana, I live in the Republic of Belarus. My zodiac sign is Pisces. Have kids.”. All this a man learns by reading your profile. Do not repeat this information.


  • It is worth refraining from negative, categorical statements and statements. We are sure that you are looking for new and positive acquaintances. Phrases like: “I don’t believe in dating foreigners” will involuntarily make a man think, what kind of profile is this? Why and why is a woman still on an international dating site? com Many questions may arise. However, a foreigner will not have a desire to get acquainted, write the first message.
  • If you want to meet a foreign man, do not publish the text in Russian. He will not understand him and he will have a question, will the language barrier become a serious problem that interferes with getting to know this woman?

What to write “about yourself” in the questionnaire on an international dating site?

  • Write the text in English(or in the language of the country from which you would like to meet a man). Most foreigners do not speak Russian and, therefore, will leave your text, if it is written in Russian, without attention.
  • Every person is unique. Talk about what makes you unique.
  • Tell us about your interests. What do you like to do in your free time? What activities inspire you? Do you have an interesting hobby? Or maybe you do charity work, lovingfeel help the needy, animals or actively participate in protecting the environment? Great, tell me about it!
  • Describe your position in life. How do you look at the world and the events taking place in your life? What are you striving for?


  • What kind of man would you like to meet? Describe it, however, refrain from repeating the data already present in your profile (for example, you most likely already indicated the age of the desired partner in your profile).
  • Do you have a favorite quote, catchphrase, aphorism or proverb? Take advantage of them. But, try to make the foreigner understand what you want to say. Quotes, sayings, aphorisms, popular expressions cannot be literally translated into a foreign language. And this means that you need to find the correct translation of the expression you use.

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